Hennen Jennen
Naam Hennen Jennen
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Life is a game! So rings the Odynaut motto. To survive, in other words, the Odynauts must keep winning! And now, they have descended on our planet looking for new games wherever they can find them. On a seemingly innocent and charming little farm, the Odynauts are witness to a high stakes strategic game in which hens are the coveted prize. The roosters seek to draw as many of them in as possible with their charms. A sly fox is sneaking around the coop for a delicious meal, while the farmer is on a mission to catch him in order to protect his precious little hens. The Odynauts, of course, see a highly entertaining game in all of this. Are you the biggest, baddest rooster? Or are you just the smartest one? Rule the Roost (a.k.a. Hennen Jennen) is a funny and nerve-racking farm-themed card game for two to four witty players of all ages. The goal is to become the leader Rooster of one or more barns and to collect as many chickens as possible for points. Throughout the game each player tries to obtain a majority in one or more of the three barns with her own rooster cards by placing these cards under the barn cards. For each barn in which a player has the majority of roosters at the end of the game, she receives one point for each of the chicken cards present. Players should try to have as many chickens as possible in the barns in which she dominates by either placing her own chicken cards there, or by banking on others doing so. But beware! Danger is lurking. Players can prevent an opponent from having the majority of roosters in a barn or collecting chickens in a barn by throwing eggs, playing fox cards or famer cards because foxes have chickens on the menu and the farmer is eager to move roosters from one barn to another.
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