Kumbu Dubbelzijdig Kaartspel
Naam Kumbu Dubbelzijdig Kaartspel
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  • Memory
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Kumbu: Dubbelzijdig Kaartspel is a card game version of Kumbu, a memory game in which the tiles have images on both sides and tiles stay turned over when flipped and not part of a matching pair. Kumbu: Dubbelzijdig Kaartspel includes rules for Kumbu Memo and a number of other games, including: • Kumbu Pesten is a Crazy Eights variant. On your turn, you can choose either side of the card. To place a card on the stack, either place the same number or a number to make the total 10. A zero card can always be placed. You place the card on the stack face down, so now the back of the card will be shown. • Kumbi Zabuni is a Perudo variant. All players have five cards in front of them, with the back sides known only to their owner. Every player in turn can either call or bet as to how many of a particular symbol are showing; a bet has to be higher than the previous bet. If you do not believe the bet, you can call it. The losing player will have one less card in the next round. • Kumbu Kadi is a simple card game in which the highest cards score. You place your card in the middle of the table, then count both front and back. Highest number wins. More games and variants will supposedly be available on the publisher's website.
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