Killer Bunnies Blue Starter Deck
Naam Killer Bunnies Blue Starter Deck
  • Animals
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  • Humor
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  • Playroom Entertainment
Killer Bunnies: Heroes vs. Villains - Blue Starter Deck is a standalone game in the Killer Bunnies universe. Drawing and playing cards from a shared deck, players may choose to be a defender of goodness, courageousness and virtue by playing the Hero Super Bunnies or a generator of chaos, evilness and deceit by playing the Villain Super Bunnies. Whoever they are, the players use their bunnies' powers to build cities, attack opponents, and protect themselves. The first player who has a predetermined number of bunnies in the Bunny Circle and cities in the City Circle wins! Killer Bunnies: Heroes vs. Villains - Blue Starter Deck is compatible with Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey; the deck in this game may be used as the yellow, blue, and green E-decks in that game. Though this game is for four players; equipment is only provided for three players under Odyssey's rules, as there are only three colors represented in this game.
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