Chit Chat
Naam Chit Chat
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  • ADCO International, Inc.
Chicken Chit-Chat is apparently a chicken-themed knock-off of Pass the Pigs. The game consists of a dice cup (labeled as Chicken Coop) and two small rubber chickens. The chickens are rolled like dice, and how they land determines the score. Scoring possibilities are: Chicken Out (laying on their sides) – 0 points; Beaker (beak and feet touching table) – 5; Twin Beaker (both chickens in Beaker position) – 10; Rear Ender (tail feathers and feet touching table) – 5; Twin Rear Ender (both chickens in Rear Ender position) – 10; Chicken Feet (standing on feet) – 10; Twin Chicken Feet (both chickens standing on feet) – 20; Head and Tails (beak and tail feathers touching table) – 15; Chicken Chit – (both chickens in Head and Tails position) automatically wins the game; Fowl (chickens are touching) – (minus 10); and Chicken Cacciatore – combination of any two scores, such as a Beaker and a Rear Ender. The instruction sheet shows the scoring positions with drawings. Similar to: Pass the Pigs
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