Naam Drago-Tuku
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Uitgegeven in 2013
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Rebuild your castle before dragons block your way - acting/moving by turns - A storm has destroyed Drago-Tuku's castle, the only place where inhabitants get shelter against the island dragons; the knights have to search for the 9 shattered parts before the dragons overwhelm you/them. Each player moves forward according to the die roll and pick up a part if the move ends on a missing piece; bring it back, put it up and start again - if the die shows a 'dragon' a new monster is added and moves along your way. If you meet one you must escape into the magic wood. You still may roll the die, but only you can escape if the die shows a 'sun'. Anyone who throws a sun (let you leap over dragons and define a number between 1-5, too) can dedicate his/her turn to someone else. If all 5 dragons are out and block your way team has lost the game.
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