Diego Drachenzahn
Naam Diego Drachenzahn
  • Action / Dexterity
  • Bluffing
  • Children's Game
  • Fantasy
15 minuten
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  • HABA - Habermaaß GmbH
Publisher website:"Snarl! Dragon Diego Dart has missed the target once again! What's more he has set fire to Uncle Drooge's hat! But which target did he want to hit? Can he still win this race in the dragons' fire spitting competition? A fiery game of skill for 2-4 players." In Diego Drachenzahn, you will first choose a target alley that you're trying to hit, then roll 3 balls into the right slot. The others will try to guess what your target was. They score when they guess corectly, and you score when your fireballs hit their target. Who will end up with the most points?
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