Burg Drachengold
Naam Burg Drachengold
  • Action / Dexterity
  • Children's Game
  • Fantasy
  • Medieval
  • Memory
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  • HABA - Habermaaß GmbH
"O dear! Princess Bella has been kidnapped and is imprisoned in Gold Dragon Castle. So the fearless knights of the kingdom set off to free the princess. But courage alone is not enough! Skill and intelligence are also required for the rescue operation. Only the player who catapults the knights safely into the castle and is the quickest to solve a tricky task will rescue the princess and conquer her heart." In Burg Drachengold players use a catapult to launch their knight tiles one at a time into Gold Dragon Castle, which is created from the box bottom; this structure contains four rooms, three of which are occupied by a joker, a wizard and a dragon while the fourth is empty. Each knight tile has on one side a capital letter or a two-digit number. Depending on the room where the knight lands, the players must perform a different task: add the two numbers, say a word beginning with the letter, just say the letter or number, grab the dragon from the tower on the board, or shout "Long live King Fex!" The player who does this first wins the knight tile, and the first player to collect four knight tiles wins the game. Burg Drachengold includes more than a half-dozen variants that can be used individually or in combination.
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