A Game of Thrones LCG Lions of the Rock
Naam A Game of Thrones LCG Lions of the Rock
  • Card Game
  • Expansion for Base-game
  • Fantasy
  • Fighting
  • Medieval
  • Negotiation
  • Novel-based
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  • Edge Entertainment
  • Fantasy Flight Games
  • Galápagos Jogos
  • Giochi Uniti
  • Heidelberger Spieleverlag
  • Stratelibri
Description from the publisher: From their seat of power at Casterly Rock, a seat nearly as powerful as the Iron Throne itself in wealth and influence, the rich and powerful lords of House Lannister are raising the banners of war. Beneath the golden lion on a crimson field as red as spilt blood ruthless lords, devious ladies, cunning knights, and vast armies are forming to proclaim to Westeros the words of House Lannister: "Hear Me Roar!" Lions of the Rock is the sixth Deluxe Expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, featuring 165 cards new to the LCG card pool – three copies each of 55 unique cards – that add deck-building opportunities and strategic depth to your game. The cards included in Lions of the Rock deepen the existing strengths of House Lannister, as well as adding some new avenues of strategy to explore. Forming the core of Lions of the Rock are the formidable members of the Lannister family: the ruthless patriarch Tywin, the treacherous queen Cersei, the Kingslayer Jaime, and the beguiling Tyrion. Each wields power as naturally as dragons breathe fire, backed by the limitless wealth of Casterly Rock and the unbreakable will of House Lannister's honor and willingness to repay any debt in blood. As anyone in Westeros will tell you – a Lannister always pays his debts... In-game, each Lannister represents a different approach to victory, around which entire decks could be built, from Tyrion's synergy with the Clansman trait, to Tywin's breathtaking seizure of power based on having lots of gold in play during Dominance, to Cersei's ability to claim power whenever you win intrigue challenges (playing very well into the new The Power Behind the Throne agenda). Working separately, the Lannisters are merely powerful. Working together, the might of the Lannisters can become unstoppable.
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