Wilde Vikingen
Naam Wilde Vikingen
  • Children's Game
  • Dice
  • Economic
  • Real-time
15 minuten
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Leeftijd 6
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Type Bordspel
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  • HABA - Habermaaß GmbH
From the rules: "Loaded down with jewels and other precious stones that sparkle and twinkle, the Vikings have just got back from their latest foray. Under a cheering hubbub they unpack the treasure booty and start distributing it. Vikings, keep cool! Don't reach out for your divvy too quickly. Perhaps if you wait, the more precious pieces will arrive on a later ship!? Aim of the game is to be the player with the most jewels at the end of the game. The players collect equipment cards and as soon as a Viking ship returns from a foray to the village the treasure load is distributed. Whoever has the most suitable equipment cards, and can bid correctly, will win all the jewels from ship's treasure. But watch out, don't display too many cards or be too greedy!"
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