Naam Cowboy
  • American West
  • Animals
  • Economic
  • Farming
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  • Alga
  • ASS Altenburger Spielkarten
  • Damm / Egmont
  • Palet spil
Players are ranch owners buying and selling cattle. You want to get as many cattle as possible to the market in "Beef Town", where the players can sell it. On the way they must cross many dangers and watch out for cattle thieves (but if you land on another player's ranch you may steal some of his cattle instead). The board shows a round trip around the old western town "Beef Town". There are 7 ranches on the board, which have different prices depending on the number of cattle they can hold. A herd is doubled every round and the ranchers (players) must try to bring their cattle back to Beefy Town, where they can be sold with profit. No surprise, that cattle can also be stolen from other players, but the thieves take a high risk to get captured, because two shortcuts on the board make it easier for the owner of the herd to catch the thief. Winner of the game is the richest player after a previously arranged amount of time.
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