Lost Cities
Naam Lost Cities
  • Adventure
  • Card Game
  • Exploration
  • Fantasy
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  • (Unpublished)
  • Odyssey Games
Based on Spanish legends of a mythical island lost to time, Antillia and the Lost Cities of Gold puts you in control of Dr. Jack Parker – the legendary archaeologist, and his team as they venture out in search of the fabled home to the seven lost cities of gold. Crash-landing in the deep jungles of a land overrun by vile monsters and dark magic, you and your friends must fight your way through the island’s events, collecting loot and forming alliances in an effort to escape with as much gold as you can carry. Players will explore an unique hexagonal tile-system map as they negotiate Antillia’s many challenges and collect ancient treasures to aid them on their quest. As you progress through the game, your fate will be determined by your strategy and dice rolls; this combined with a random map creation element guarantees that no two playthroughs will ever be the same. Players will choose one of six pre-made characters, all of which come equipped with innate abilities that will aid them on their journey. Characters are represented by their respective token on the board, and their Character Card, which will track their points, items and power-ups. Having chosen their characters, players set off in exploration of the island to discover its hidden secrets by creating and exploring the map as the turns progress. The starting map tile is placed first with each character token on the tile. At the beginning of each player’s turns, he/she picks up and places a map tile into play, and places a special markers called an Event or Loot Tokens if the tile requests. Events are then triggered when a player moves onto a space with an event token by drawing the appropriate number of cards from the corresponding deck, and then continues their turn as normal. Antillia’s Event and Loot card decks will be comprised of over 170 beautifully illustrated cards. As the game progresses, players will accumulate gold and items for defeating the many monsters and challenges on the island. Items retained in the players’ inventory spaces will each have an intrinsic gold value of bullion coin that adds to your final score. Keep in mind, other players may try to obtain your gold or loot by any means possible. Keep a sharp eye out for thieves and backstabbers. Combat is turn based and the attack order is decided by the highest AP score when an attack is declared; attack power is determined by dice roll damage indicated by the player’s equipped weapon. Upon vanquishing the game’s boss, a portal opens allowing all players the chance to escape the island. Those who manage to escape Antillia add up their total gold and item value by counting all gold coins earned and item value in their extended inventory. The player at the end of the game able to escape the island with the most gold value wins!
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