Defenders of the Realm: The Barbarian
Naam Defenders of the Realm: The Barbarian
  • Adventure
  • Expansion for Base-game
  • Fantasy
  • Fighting
  • Medieval
  • Miniatures
120 minuten
40% Complete
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Leeftijd 12
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Type Bordspel
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  • Eagle-Gryphon Games
The Barbarian expansion is a preorder bonus for Defenders of the Realm, with the expansion consisting of a hero figure and its associated character card. This preorder figure will be available both through the Eagle Games website and through regular retail channels. ( The Barbarian has the following abilities: Battle Rage: May spend action points prior to attack roll to modify the dice. Add +1 to the die rolled for each action point spent. May not be used when attacking a General. Famed Warrior: If two or more enemies are defeated with the first attack in a location, remove 1 enemy minion from each adjacent location as they flee. Enemies at a location with a General do not flee. Local Support: If ending turn at an Inn or Black location, draw 3 Hero Cards, choose 2 and discard 1.
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