Turi Tour
Naam Turi Tour
  • Action / Dexterity
  • Animals
  • Children's Game
  • Memory
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The farm animals are going on holiday! But alas, the farmer has messed up everyone's tickets and it's not clear to him who's going where. Thankfully you and your fellow players can lend a hand, but the sorting challenge won't be easy. When you're the active player, you must wear glasses that cover your eyes; the player to your left then draws a task card and places the animal pictured on it in your hand. You try to identify the animal by touch and announce what animal you think you hold. The player then explains your task and you try to perform it, such as placing the animal in the correct location (as marked on the gameboard that game). You can feel the gameboard and other animals already in place, but knock any of them over and your turn ends immediately. Other tasks include removing the proper animal from the gameboard and stating how many are currently on the board. The animals on parade change nearly every turn, so you'll need sensitive fingers and a good memory if you want to help them see the world... Available in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian.
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