Time 'n Space
Naam Time 'n Space
  • Card Game
  • Children's Game
  • Science Fiction
  • Space Exploration
  • Transportation
  • Wargame
  • Economic
  • Negotiation
  • Real-time
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Here, where space is endless and time is precious, you face the challenges of a true space commander. From the bustling hub that is your control center, you coordinate your planet's production, transport, and demand, and travel to other planets to fulfill orders. Time 'N' Space is a real-time, action-selection, production management, pickup-and-deliver game for 3-4 players that plays in exactly 30 minutes. In that time, you must produce goods and manage as many deliveries as possible to fulfill the demands on planets, while the other players are trying to do the same thing. However, the most unique aspect of Time 'N' Space is the action-selection mechanism in which each of your actions requires the flip of a one-minute sand timer. Each player has only two of these timers available, so you'll need to keep a cool head and your communication channels wide open to arrange for the most opportune deals with each of the other players! While Time 'N' Space is played in exactly 30 minutes, a 12-minute introductory game is also included.
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