Fantastiqa Fantastiqal Landscapes Expansion
Naam Fantastiqa Fantastiqal Landscapes Expansion
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  • Expansion for Base-game
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  • Fantasy
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  • Eagle-Gryphon Games
Three new interlocking expansions for Fantastiqa, by Alf Seegert. See FILES below for a recommended designer variant! This expansion is compatible with both the Enchanted Edition and the Rucksack Edition of Fantastiqa. You must have one of these versions in order to play. I. CLOUD CRYSTALS and GEM BAGS You’ve overheard a secret at a tea party of talkative fairies! If you combine three Gems of identical color, they will magically transform into a valuable Cloud Crystal! A Gem Bag is used to keep Gem colors secret when drawing them at random. (Your Dog is smart: he will dig up a Gem in any color you request!) Trade in 3 identically colored Gems to collect a Cloud Crystal. Cloud Crystals are large bluish crystals worth 5 Gems (!) in purchasing power -- but they only count as one single Gem in the eyes of the Mischievous Raven! Cloud Crystals are thus a great way to increase your wealth.... safely. Cloud Crystals are also the only way to gain admission to the illustrious Castle in the Air.....! II. THE CASTLE IN THE AIR The Castle in the Air is an exotic, exclusive, and largely inaccessible Region of Fantastiqa, filled with all conceivable Artifacts, Beasts and works of fine art. A special Flying Carpet service is eager to convey you to its cloudy abode.... if you have the Cloud Crystals to pay for admission! The Castle in the Air is a beautiful new Region tile eagerly awaiting your visiting, deep-pocketed Adventurers. The admission fee is 2 Cloud Crystals (or only one if you bring your own Flying Carpet or broomstick as transportation!) At the Castle in the Air, instead of only drawing three Artifact or Beast cards at a time, you gain full access to these decks! At the Castle in the Air you can also fulfill a valuable Epic Quest to exhibit prestigious landscape paintings created by your very own Dragon Artistes! III. DRAGON ARTISTES and FANTASTIQAL LANDSCAPES Four of Fantastiqa’s Peaceful Dragons have just returned from Art School at Academie Fantastiqa, eager to paint the landscapes of Fantastiqa and exhibit their work at the Castle in the Air! (In exchange for a nominal payment from their patron, of course.) Begin your new Quest as Fantastiqa’s patron of the arts! Whenever your Dragon Artiste appears in your hand, you may pay him 1 Gem to paint your current landscape. Collect the beautiful Fantastiqal Landscape card for this Region. Exhibit paintings of all six Regions at the Castle in the Air to fulfill the Exhibit Quest and earn 6 points!
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